Are you caught in the comparison trap? In a world of always-on access to content, education, inspiration, self-development and experiences, the possibilities may appear endless, but so too are the opportunities to compare, benchmark and potentially find yourself falling short. The current climate exacerbates this; there is even comparison pressure on lockdown productivity with some launching side hustles, reading and baking whilst others of us feel overwhelmed by health concerns, redundancy risks, furloughs and an increased focus on social media.


With everyone putting their best foot forward, and very few sharing their more vulnerable side, our perspectives can become increasingly skewed and this is, in turn, having a negative impact on people’s relationships and attitudes both in and out of work as well as their mental health.


It doesn’t end online either, in the advertising industry, comparison is embedded into our culture: the nature of pitching and ‘rising stars’ lists mean that people are often quite literally competing with one-another, so what does that mean for our relationships at work? In positions where there are under-representation of women and minorities, sometimes this drives even more of an intensity of comparison and competition – but there must be another way?


Our new event ‘The Comparison Trap’ discusses all this and more, with a panel of amazing guest speakers exploring how we can turn self-limiting comparisons into positive behaviours and a force for good. We're delighted to welcome The Audacity Coach Keri Jarvis, Founder of BIG SIS and Unmasked Women Nicole Crentsil, Managing Director for Saatchi & Saatchi London Sarah Jenkins, and Founder of MAD, Male Anxiety and Depression Dan Furlong offering perspectives on the honesty behind comparison. We'll also be discussing how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected people through this lens - comparing themselves to colleagues during rounds of redundancies or mental health issues created through an increased focus on social media and how the recent and belated spotlight on racial injustices may have affected our feelings of comparison. The event will be hosted by Zara Bryson, Strategy & Innovation Director at Publicis Media & Co-Head of Strategy here at Bloom.


We will be bringing the famous Bloom ‘Booth of Truth’ to life on, for you to share your experiences of comparison honestly and anonymously before and during the event. At the end of the event we will be sharing these experiences to fuel the conversation and ask speakers for tips and everyday actions to help address the feelings and issues shared and shift them into positive energy.


The event will be held on Zoom and is free to attend, although we'd love you to make a £10 donation to our charity partner Women's Aid in lieu of a ticket fee. We're looking forward to seeing you (via our laptops) there!

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