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How to find the perfect mentor (clue: it’s not a more experienced version of you)

September 20, 2019

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We've all heard the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’. When you're laughing or smiling it's really difficult to feel negative emotions and the benefits of laughing include reducing stress, releasing endorphins and increasing energy. And these are just a few. There is loads of research which shows how it can help burn calories, increase your mental wellbeing, relax the body and mind and also improve cardiac health.


At Bloom, one of our key values is ‘fun’. We are a group of volunteers, who in our spare time help others achieve their potential and also spearhead change in our industry. Helping to lead Bloom and also working full time can be stressful and exasperating in lockdown when you miss the connection and community of which you are used to surrounding you. It was also reported that In lockdown, one in three women reported feeling lonely (independent).


On Thursday evening, we hosted our Member’s summer mixer. An evening where we got the Bloom gang together and had fun. I can honestly say, we had so much fun and I was bouncing off the walls after the event. Not only did we have an interview with the wonderful Mishal Husain who talked to us so openly and honestly about confidence and gravitas, BUT we also had Joy from Hoops, Hustle and Flow for some Disco Yoga (



The disco yoga was 30 minutes of loud pumping music, fast paced flow yoga with a few dance moves thrown in for good measure. Watching every Bloom member get involved, in their own space, left me grinning from ear to ear. That was fun. Proper deep belly laughing fun that lasted for 30 minutes but left me smiling for hours.


It got me thinking. In such a high-pressured world in which we are now living, along with the added anxieties around Covid and what’s next, it’s important to have fun. Zoom Fatigue, blurring of boundaries between work and home life can all be balanced out with spending time with people and having fun – whether that’s virtually or not. Here are my thoughts on how to integrate more fun into the everyday'


1. Think about what makes you laugh and spend time doing it. This could be reading a book, watching a film, a hobby or catching up with friends.


2. Incorporate fun into your team meetings or catch up’s at work. This could be discussing your funniest moment in lockdown, your favourite podcast or sharing a joke. At Kinetic which is where I work, we theme most meetings.


3. Don’t be shy. Let your hair down and do something that makes you happy and smile. Whether It be dancing around your house or running until you can’t run anymore.


4. Spend more time with people that make you smile and laugh. For me this was Bloom on Thursday night. Do it.


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Useful links for laughing being the best medicine;,brain.%20Laughter%2C%20it%27s%20said%2C%20is%20the%20best%20medicine.

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