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How to find the perfect mentor (clue: it’s not a more experienced version of you)

September 20, 2019

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Why it’s time to have a healthy conversation about failure

Ahead of Bloom's upcoming event on the 25th June: The Bounce Back, How to Risk More and Fail Better, Bloom member Jackie Scully talks to speaker Rosie Dalling all about why conversations on failure are more important than ever. 



In business and in life, failure is no longer ‘not an option’, it’s essential. Coach and Bloom member Rosie Dalling encourages us to reflect on the things that haven’t gone according to plan, take more risks and fail better...


Failure is the best learning opportunity you will ever have. No one likes to admit it. No one wants to be the person to put their hand up and say they got it wrong for fear that it might be detrimental to their career and their lives.


But, by challenging the feeling of failure when it hits – not months later when you’ve managed to rewrite the narrative in your head – you can uncover the stepping stones to success.

That’s the message from Rosie, coach and founder of Healthy Selfish, who is running a Bloom workshop on 25 June (following a lively panel discussion on the subject) to provide practical steps that will enable people to change their relationship with failure.


‘Failure has so much to teach us about ourselves,’ says Rosie. ‘If we can be brave enough to sit with it for a while, we can discover that it is so much more than the unpleasant feeling we all rush to avoid.


‘Failure gives us options. When we succeed, we just continue to shine a light in the direction we’re going. Failure stops us in our tracks and forces us to find another way through. If we examine the time leading up to the failure and how we feel during that time, then think about what we can learn after the event, we can stop berating and doubting ourselves and

start asking the right questions.’


Honesty is certainly the best policy when it comes to examining failures, as Rosie goes on to explain: ‘sometimes failure can be bad luck (and success good luck). Sometimes, you might be doing all the right things, just with the wrong people and in the wrong places. If we celebrate

everyday challenges as they happen and seek to understand them, we can spot the right way to move forward. If we don’t and distract ourselves with leading busy lives (something technology allows us to do all too easily), failure has a way of getting the better of us. We can’t ignore it – and we shouldn’t.’


Rosie speaks from experience. As a mum of three who left theatre and the world of advertising and comms behind to establish herself as a coach, learning from failure has enabled her to build a strong and vibrant client base. ‘At first, I was too focused on products not people. Then, when nobody turned up to one of my workshops (a logistical error caused by the event organisers not reconfirming to the sold out audience) I started to question my priorities. What I lacked wasn’t content or useful insights, it as a network of like-minded individuals. I have worked hard on my network from that moment and it has served me well. Joining Bloom UK has also made a real difference. My husband reminded me recently that lucky people have more friends.


The reason? From connections come opportunity and from opportunity comes luck.’ Failure can be a route to success if we allow ourselves to learn from it. So, for those reading this craving a safe, helpful environment in which to get friendly with failure, then Bloom’s The Bounce Back event couldn’t have come at a better time. ‘I really want people to come to the workshop with an open mind, prepared to think about a particular failure in their life so they can reframe it and consider the people and the tools they need around them to fail in a healthy way in the future (when the inevitable happens). Plus, it’s a great opportunity to grow that all-important network.’


Turn failure into success today: Bounce Back takes place on 25 June. Head to our events page to grab some one of the last available tickets. All profits go to charity partner Women’s Aid. And, head to if you’d like to learn more about how Rosie can coach you towards a brighter future


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