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How to find the perfect mentor (clue: it’s not a more experienced version of you)

September 20, 2019

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How you can challenge ageism in adland with #EverydayActions

May 14, 2018


Our Achieving Your Potential event 'The Window: Too Young or Too Old to Succeed?' revealed the challenges of ageism that still exist in our industry, from our panelist’s stories to our audience’s 'confessions'.

At Bloom we believe that we can all take responsibility for driving change, one action at a time. So here are some thought starters on #EverydayAction from the Bloom network to kick you off today.


  1. Ask HR to remove the date of birth from CV applications and similarly remove from your CV.

  2. Invite young people to meetings, and encourage them to share their ideas. Ignore ‘time served’ or hierarchy - they may have insights you may not have thought of.

  3. Implement a shadow board -  get a group of junior people (not quite board level) together to discuss the same issues as the board and come up with alternative solutions

  4. Buddy up with young talent for reverse mentoring and listen up.

  5. Sign up to Digital Mum’s Retox programme when you’re back from maternity, to help women over 35 stay in the industry

  6. Open up the conversation about the menopause in your workplace - make an effort to talk about it more so it becomes less of a taboo.

  7. Implement work shadowing to give young people opportunities and exposure to other parts of the business

  8. Welcome career returners back - don’t insist they have to ‘start again’

  9. Start a sponsor programme in your organisation. We could all do with a senior cheerleader who’s got your back (and isn’t your boss)

  10. You have the power to portray age both young and old, in a non-stereotyped way in your strategies and ad executions.

  11. Think about different ways you can open the industry to starters who aren’t 21 year old graduates - what about apprenticeships for non graduates or later career switchers?

  12. Push for shared parental leave to be promoted in your organisation, to make it easier for partners to rejoin the workplace

  13. Recruit teams that better reflect society and are inclusive of all - remembering age.

What actions would you recommend? Tell us on Twitter @BloomUK using #EverydayActions



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