2017 MENTEE: Joy Talbot, Econometrician, MediaCom.

"I was encouraged to apply for the mentoring scheme by a colleague, who recommended Bloom. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet someone external to my company to learn and get advice from, whilst also expanding my network. I was lucky enough to be matched with Charlie, who was so inspiring, friendly and helpful right from the start. The three best things I’ve learnt through my sessions with Charlie are: how to make myself most valuable to my team, how to build meaningful connections with people and how to ask for what I want in my career. I loved being able to chat through my own ideas about how I could progress and use Charlie’s experience and outside perspective to build on that. By the end of the scheme, we achieved the outcome that I wanted in my current role and I’m really happy I took part".

2017 MENTOR: Charlie Hunt, Head of New Business, DigitasLBi UK | Bloom President 2014/2015

"Since joining in 2011 I’ve been fortunate to have been paired up with six brilliant Mentees. What’s surprised me the most is how different each relationship has been, as we explore their individual opportunities, challenges and ambitions. However, what they’ve all shared is a great attitude. I’ve really admired Joy’s open-mindedness and willingness to try things out that we’ve explored in our sessions, and it’s been brilliant hearing the positive impact she feels that this experience has had.

I see mentoring as a privilege. As much as I hope to help my Mentees, I’ve also learnt from them. The working world is very different to when I first started out, and I think gaining insight into their perspectives has helped me become a more understanding and empathetic manager within my own organisation."

2017 MENTEE: Supriya Toor, Econometrician, MediaCom.

"Being relatively new to the working world and the media industry, I was eager to learn. This is what initially pushed me to sign up for Bloom’s mentoring programme. Especially after having some research on what Bloom stands for, I knew it was an opportunity that I did not want to miss! What I found invaluable was having an outsider’s feedback and someone who still understood the industry and could offer their opinions and advice based on their own experiences. One of the learnings I took away from the scheme was the importance of reflection, and keeping track of all my achievements every week, be they big or small. Overall, it’s been a great experience, the scheme has allowed me to establish a great relationship with my mentor and has also provided lots of exposure to others in the industry by just being a part of Bloom."

2017 MENTOR: Stephanie Matthews, Commercial Audiences Manager, ITV.

"I know how impactful a great mentor can be, having experienced many - both women and men throughout my career. As a recent Bloom member, I was thrilled that mentoring was part of my Bloom membership. I received excellent training from the Hobbs Consultancy and was matched with Supriya after our Speed Mentoring session. Over the last year, I have been super proud of Supriya and how she’s grown in confidence, from becoming more aware of her strengths and achievements to proactively pursuing networking opportunities. She’s even inspired me to join another industry mentoring programme. I’ve learnt a lot from her, she’s taught me about econometrics, which directly helps me in my day job and she’s kept me on my toes with her millennial lingo".

2014 MENTEE / 2017 BLOOM MENTOR: Emma Parrish, Associate Director, Kindred.

"When I applied for the Bloom mentoring scheme, I just wanted someone to talk to who had more experience than me, who wasn’t employed at my company and who I could chat to openly about my thoughts and ideas. I was lucky to be paired with Chrissy, who was a brilliant listener and helped me realise my potential by guiding me to see things in a different way. Having time carved out regularly to really focus on my goals was hugely beneficial.

Now as a Bloom Mentor, I have my positive experiences of the programme to build on, and it’s really rewarding to be able to pass this on to the next generation of future leaders."

2017 MENTOR: Chrissy Totty, Founder & Lead Consultant | Bloom President 2013/14

"I’ve mentored three different people through the Bloom scheme and each one has been incredibly rewarding. The key difference between mentoring and coaching is that mentoring requires you to share advice based on your own experience. I found the mentoring sessions gave me a chance to reflect on how I’d dealt with career challenges (& the odd mistake!) with an honesty and neutrality I wouldn’t usually have the headspace for. This process of applying hindsight to your own experiences really reveals what is important to focus on in the moment and what isn’t. For the mentee this can help them prioritise, as the mentor I found this was a great way to make sense of my own journey".

2017 MENTEE: Paola De Marchi, Business Development Manager, Publicis Media.

“I was inspired by the amazing opportunity to get someone from the industry and outside of your day-to-day routine who can support, advise and give guidance in your career and personal life. Having the right person to support you to help you grow, flourish and be the best version of yourself is the best part of being a mentee.

I have learnt that nothing is impossible and that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Having a mentor has allowed me to be more ambitious, setting myself new boundaries and also thinking out of the box more. Being part of the Bloom mentoring scheme has changed my life. It has given me perspective on what I want from my work and personal goals and I’ve gained a fantastic mentor who I consider a friend and inspiration to me.”

2017 MENTOR: Cadi Jones, Commercial Innovation Director, Clear Channel Outdoor.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to always have people around me that I’ve been able to ask difficult questions – but always within my own company.  When I left Yahoo I would often meet up with people who had been on my team there, and found that being able to offer an external viewpoint meant I was able to give a different opinion.  Seeing those people go on to thrive made me want to seek out more opportunities for mentoring people. We’re all humans, trying to figure out the same things in life.  No one really knows what they’re doing. The best thing is to be able to move forwards with confidence, knowing you’ve thought through your decisions.  A good mentor helps with that by asking the right questions. There’s a huge sense of pride and satisfaction when you realise you’re helping someone else to achieve their potential. That and I’ve made a new friend!”

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