Our Bloom leaders and committee members come from a range of roles across the media and comms industry. To support our values of collaboration and inclusivity, and to promote fresh thinking and ideas, we select new leaders and committee members on an annual basis.

Comprised completely of volunteers, each team member plays an active role to help drive Bloom, support its work with Women's Aid and to ensure all women within the industry achieve their potential. Working with Bloom provides an opportunity for individuals to gain leadership experience outside of the office and in a supportive, encouraging environment.

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Stephanie Matthews
Victoria Brooks
Vice President
Sally Keane
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Cadi Jones
Co-head of Partnerships and Fundraising
Shona Mathew
Co-head of Partnerships and Fundraising
Emma Parrish
Head of Marketing
Veronica Tsiros
Katherine Ashmore
Head of Member Events
Lucy Cutter
Head of Mentoring
Emily Hanson
Co-head of Events
Chloe Siddall
Co-head of Events
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