For BloomFest 2019, Bloom UK partnered with UM London on a quantitative study to uncover just how ‘Future Fit’ our industry really is. Capturing a cross section of men and women, across across all sectors, the 300+ study shone a spotlight on what a progressive comms industry really looks like, and the behaviours we’d need to adopt to deliver it. The aim was to go beyond the inclusive policies and positive press stories, and create tangible learnings and actions that everyone can implement in their own workplaces.  

Top line findings showed:


  1. Six out of ten in the creative/media industry don’t think it’s progressive

  2. A quarter of men feel the diversity agenda is putting senior white men in the sector at a disadvantage


We launched a number of initiatives to tackle these issues, such as The Exchange pilot – a cross mentoring scheme between senior men and junior women in the industry that addresses some of the challenges in perception of diversity that men face. We also ran an ‘Active Ally’ workshop at Bloomfest this year for both men and women – and we operate mentor schemes between young women and senior women to highlight visible role models. Read the full results deck here.

The findings and actions were discussed in a panel session at BloomFest 2019 featuring Sophia Durrani, Managing Partner - Strategy, UM London, Sarah Jenkins, MD, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Zara Bryson, Strategy & Innovation Director, Publicis Media and Danny Pallett, Senior Creative at Dark Horses. Watch this here

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