Jun 17, 2020

The Comparison Trap

Are you caught in the comparison trap? In a world of always-on access to content, education, inspiration, self-development and experiences, the possibilities may appear endless, but so too are the opportunities to compare, benchmark and potentially find yourself falling short. Our new event ‘The Comparison Trap’ discusses all this and more, with a panel of amazing guest speakers exploring how we can turn self-limiting comparisons into positive behaviours and a force for good.

Sep 18, 2019

September Member Mixer

Members attended a skill sharing session titled: How to approach a salary increase: Don't hesitate, negotiate, run by fellow Bloom members Claire-Marine Varin and Julie Jentet of Publicis Media.

Aug 28, 2019

Bloom and BelEve Industry Insights Day

Bloom collaborated with BelEve, a charity who aim to give opportunities and skills to girls from 8-18. 30 young women joined us for an insight into our industry. We kicked off the day with an overview of the industry ecosystem, before splitting into two separate media and creative sessions. Sarah Jenkins, CMO, Grey came in to tell us not only about her career journey, but also give some food for thought - be brave, work hard, have high standards, most importantly - be kind - to yourself and one another. The girls were then given a real upcoming brief from Adidas to work on, and went away into smaller teams to review insights and respond. Some of the ideas that came back were epic, with the lucky winners receiving an Adidas voucher each and 6 outstanding people from across the entire day awarded work experience.

Jul 15, 2019

Member Mixer

To celebrate the start of Summer, members got together for the annual Summer bash on the rooftop of Virgin. COO Sally Keane led members in a speed networking session to meet new and old faces, whilst the sunset across W2.

Jun 24, 2019


The Bounce Back: How to risk more and fail better

Bloom hosted an evening of provocation, uncomfortable truths and enlightening conversation, allowing us to get up close and personal with failure.

May 06, 2019


Speed Mentor Matching Sessions

After a record breaking 250 applications for the 2019 Bloom mentoring program, a number of sessions were held to match mentees with their mentors. 

Apr 30, 2019


The Bridge Event

In a first of its kind event, Bloom teams up with The Book of Man, to get to the real truth between the sexes in our industry.

Mar 20, 2019


2019 New member mixer

We welcomed our new members for 2019 with a mixer at LinkedIn. As well as being given an overview into Bloom plans for 2019, new members were able to network with the existing member base and join a sub-team.

Feb 21, 2019


February 2019 Mixer

Our member mixers for the year kicked off with a LinkedIn masterclass from our COO, Sally Keane.

Dec 05, 2018


Bloom 2018 Members Christmas Lunch

The 5th December marked the annual Bloom Christmas lunch at the Carpenter's Arms.

Nov 08, 2018


BloomFest - Fighting our Fictions: Challenging myths of the industry

We believe that myths within our industry are barriers to women realising their ambitions. Accepted fictions about power, privilege, pay, parenthood and beyond, become the basis upon which the industry is built and influence how women shape themselves and their careers. At BloomFest 2018, we will uncover and meet these fictions head on, challenging the narratives woven into the workplace and ourselves in order to drive real change.

Aug 29, 2018


BelEve x Bloom Career in Marketing Workshop

Bloom and BelEve ran a Career in Marketing workshop for young women aged 14-18, with the winners given the opportunity to take up a weeks work experience within Bloom member organisations

Jul 03, 2018


Achieving Your Potential: The Myth of the 'Difficult Woman'

Girls are often raised to be ‘nice,’ ‘quiet’ and not too ‘demanding.’ A girl who is confident and assertive is often labelled ‘bossy. We must overcome the instinct to be ‘quiet' by learning to speak up, championing what we believe in and becoming powerful leaders - without losing who we are as women. 

Jun 19, 2018


Monthly Member Mixer

Our member mixer this month featured Cate Murden, the founder of Push Mind and Body. 

May 16, 2018


Monthly member mixer

We were honoured to host an open and honest fireside chat with Snap Inc's VP, International Sales Claire Valoti

May 09, 2018


Mentoring Training with Deena Gornik

Executive Coach Deena is our Bloom Mentor Trainer for 2018

Apr 23, 2018


Achieving Your Potential : Ageism in Advertising

The Window: Too Old or Too Young to Succeed

Apr 16, 2018


Speed Mentoring

Our annual mentoring 'match making' event

Mar 27, 2018


New Members' Welcome Breakfast

Our new members' welcome breakfast hosted at LinkedIn.

Feb 22, 2018


February '18 Mixer

Our member mixer featuring a fireside chat on diversity and inclusion with LinkedIn's Josh Graff, UK Country Manager and VP, Marketing Solutions EMEA & Bloom's Head of Membership Sally Keane

Jan 18, 2018


January '18 Mixer

Our member's first monthly mixer of the year featuring six month personal goal setting.  

Dec 01, 2017


Christmas Lunch & Women's Aid Pressie Run

Our member's Christmas lunch and present run for Women's Aid

Nov 02, 2017


Bloomfest 2017

Our annual conference

Jul 26, 2017


Summer Party

Our member's summer party

Jul 04, 2017


Achieving Your Potential Event 2

"Game Changers"

Apr 26, 2017


Achieving Your Potential Event 1

"Career Crossroads"

Apr 09, 2017


Mentoring Speed Dating

Our annual mentoring "match maker" event

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