Our event The Bounceback: How To Risk More and Fail Better highlighted that there are many positive lessons to be learnt from failure and it's a core part of growing and developing both professionally and personally. But bouncing back is often easier said than done. During the evening, we crowd-sourced thought starters on where to begin.

Please enjoy these #EverydayActions and let us know how you get on when you implement them.

Step in - try it

“Inaction through fear of failure is more damaging than failure itself.”

Rosie Dalling, Fo...

Our event “The Bridge” highlighted that while we are making progress as an industry to bridge the gender divide, there is still so much more we can be doing.  As we approach a cultural tipping point, what can each and every one of us do to help drive further change?  Here are some easily actionable thought starters on #EverydayAction from the Bloom network:

Turn on

Actively listen – be sensitive to unequal circumstances and pay attention when others highlight them

Scrutinise your workplace culture - be aware of predatory or misogynistic clients...

Bloom’s vision is to create an industry in which every woman can achieve her potential. And this year, we are very proud to launch our Bloom #EverydayAction awards; which celebrate people who champion gender equality in the workplace on a daily basis. These are all about the people who make stuff happen but don’t necessarily get recognised as much as they should; those who make a real difference and inspire others to do so. We asked to hear about the unsung heroes of communities, networks, and workplaces, who contribute towards creating an indust...

In an industry where stereotypes are rife and myths are peddled everywhere we turn, women are being held back from achieving their full potential. At Bloomfest 2018, we wanted to tackle these fictions head on, blow the myths out of the water, and unshackle our attendees from the grasps of these harmful messages. Bloomfest showed us it’s time for change: whilst part of this requires structural and cultural change, there are also plenty of #EverydayActions that we can all embrace to help us thrive, not just survive. This is our round up from the da...

3 Oct 2018

This year, we are very proud to launch our Bloom Everyday Action Awards, which will celebrate people who champion gender equality in the workplace daily

15 Jul 2018

Our Achieving Your Potential event 'The Myth of the ‘Difficult Woman’' (as featured in Campaign ) highlighted the double bind women face in business every day: traditionally “female” traits are often not seen as leadership qualities, whereas exhibiting more “male” traits can land women in more hot water than their male colleagues; the dreaded “difficult” label is hard to escape.  

So, how can we overcome this?  Here are some easily actionable thought starters on #EverydayAction from the Bloom network:


  1. Be open abou...

This article was originally published on Campaign Live

"2013: Smile more
2015: Smile less"

"You will never be in a leadership position you are not ‘strong’ enough."

"My manager told me I can’t wear skirts to work because I am distracting the boys and he doesn’t want HR complaints. I’ve been told I’m too opinionated to be successful."

These three highly personal stories of how casual sexism permeates the creative industries shared on the confessions board at the Bloom 'Myth of the difficult woman' event last week, puncturing the myth that men and wome...

14 May 2018

Our Achieving Your Potential event 'The Window: Too Young or Too Old to Succeed?' revealed the challenges of ageism that still exist in our industry, from our panelist’s stories to our audience’s 'confessions'.

At Bloom we believe that we can all take responsibility for driving change, one action at a time. So here are some thought starters on #EverydayAction from the Bloom network to kick you off today.

  1. Ask HR to remove the date of birth from CV applications and similarly remove from your CV.

  2. Invite young people to meetings, and...

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