In 2017, Victoria Brooks, the vice-president of Bloom, a network for women in advertising and communications, had an idea. Aware that there were some subjects its members found difficult to discuss even among supportive peers, she decided to set up what would come to be known as the Booth of Truth at the organisation’s inaugural day-long conference in Clerkenwell, London. Inside this enclosed space, women would be able to write down their experiences of such things as discrimination and sexual harassment, safe in the knowledge that they would be...

15 Jul 2018

Our Achieving Your Potential event 'The Myth of the ‘Difficult Woman’' (as featured in Campaign ) highlighted the double bind women face in business every day: traditionally “female” traits are often not seen as leadership qualities, whereas exhibiting more “male” traits can land women in more hot water than their male colleagues; the dreaded “difficult” label is hard to escape.  

So, how can we overcome this?  Here are some easily actionable thought starters on #EverydayAction from the Bloom network:


  1. Be open abou...

This article was originally published on Campaign Live

"2013: Smile more
2015: Smile less"

"You will never be in a leadership position you are not ‘strong’ enough."

"My manager told me I can’t wear skirts to work because I am distracting the boys and he doesn’t want HR complaints. I’ve been told I’m too opinionated to be successful."

These three highly personal stories of how casual sexism permeates the creative industries shared on the confessions board at the Bloom 'Myth of the difficult woman' event last week, puncturing the myth that men and wome...

As we come to the end of Pride month in the UK, I’m getting rainbow-ready for the grand finale of celebrations with the annual Pride Parade through central London on 7 July.  I remember last year’s parade, as we strolled through Regent Street and lots of brands on the procession route had rainbow-ed up their logos and shop fronts. A few of my friends dismissively hissed “they’re just doing gay for pay” - brands buying into a trend, for commercial gain. If they thought that last year, you can imagine what they’re saying this year. I don't have the...

Last month, at the Ad Tech Inclusion Summit in London, Dora Michail, MD Digital at the Telegraph opened the event saying, “Azadeh Akbari, [the organiser of the event] asked me to chair today’s event, and my first response was, ‘no way!’”.  Fortunately for everyone who attended, Michail thought more about the content of the event, and realised she felt it was too important to not accept the invitation.  And despite her initial misgivings, she did an excellent job chairing the day. 

This is not an uncommon problem.  In our research for Wom...

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