BloomFest lifted the lid on the reality of the barriers still faced by women in the creative industries. 

"When your CEO tells you that he only hires ‘pretty blonde girls’ and then regularly invites female employees back to his hotel for Champagne."

"If a woman does call out a man for sexual harassment, she will never be able to find a job again."

"I lost my first daughter, she was stillborn. I left my job as no-one knew how to ‘deal’ with me after my loss."

"I came back to work recently, six months after having my baby. Because, to keep my role, I h...

This article was originally published on Campaign Live

"2013: Smile more
2015: Smile less"

"You will never be in a leadership position you are not ‘strong’ enough."

"My manager told me I can’t wear skirts to work because I am distracting the boys and he doesn’t want HR complaints. I’ve been told I’m too opinionated to be successful."

These three highly personal stories of how casual sexism permeates the creative industries shared on the confessions board at the Bloom 'Myth of the difficult woman' event last week, puncturing the myth that men and wome...

"The CMO of one of the top two advertisers in the world asked if I am old enough to remember VHS when my suitability to advise was questioned."


‘The assumption that you would not be committed to a new challenging role because of your age and the exception of leave for children."


‘Older men are wise. OIder women are just old and past their prime.’


These three stark and highly personal takes on how ageism affects the advertising industry and the people who work within it were shared on the confessions board of this week’s Bloom event tackling the i...

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