I think it goes without saying: the creative industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is not unique, nearly all sectors are feeling the wave of turbulence and uncertainty, but almost every

creative I speak to has the same story: work disappeared immediately; there is nothing on the horizon;

and a huge number are falling through the cracks of government support.

However, sometimes chaos can be the perfect incubator for creativity and innovation. Journalists have

been quick to cite that some of the major companies right now were born foll...

At the junction of Sidney Street and Black Boy Road in Exeter you’ll find some

underground public toilets – half-way between where an old boyfriend lived and

University. In 2000/01, I spent a fair amount of time in those loo’s, having a mixture of

absences and panic attacks, ensuring that if I had a fit or a blackout I wouldn’t have an

accident and generally attempting to get some semblance of air back in my lungs so I

didn’t fall over. Sat in those toilets was the first time I remember linking my epilepsy to

my mental health.

I was first diagnosed with...

It feels like I’m watching a silent car crash from a distance. 

I keep telling myself, be patient. 

You’re lucky. 

You get to spend quality time with your two little boys.

Yet, I find it hard to stay positive. My sense of self is slowly slipping away as I take a step back from my business and search for a corporate job, gloomy thoughts start to creep in and the isolation feels unbreakable.

With hiring freezes at most brands and agencies, competition is higher than ever, imposter syndrome is spiraling out of control, my youngest becomes ill with what c...

My OCD journey

I have OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m going to explain what that means, because not enough people understand, or they think it’s the quirky ‘neatness’ and colour coding of underwear that the mainstream media and the casual misuse of the term (I’m sooo OCD’) would lead you to believe. This lack of understanding means too many people suffer in silence. Like I did for over 10 years.

Obsessions are intrusive and scary thoughts that you become haunted/obsessed by (i.e the thought of dying from cancer, images of murdering your sp...

“I mean I know she always delivers in the end, but does she have to be so rude, sitting there with headphones on all the time?”

“Creative sure, but she’s just a bit weird though isn’t she, repeats herself in meetings and never knows where we’re going or what time we’ve to be there, it’s a nightmare when you have to let her be client facing...”

“Always looking out the window, I swear she’s somewhere else half the time, maybe she just thinks she’s too important for this conversation, somewhere better to be…”

“So frustrating, she has never done the pre...

“I feel like a 1950s housewife,” a friend admitted on Zoom as we compared our recent lockdown experiences. Given an article with this exact title appeared in the Guardian just a few weeks later, shows she isn’t an isolated case.  Despite embodying the middle-class quarantine cliché of embracing elasticated waists, I have found solace that I am not the only one feeling imprisoned by a domesticity treadmill that would shock even my grandmother.  My days seem to be spent in an endless cycle of meal preparation, laundry, picking up orphaned shoe...

So, it’s October of 2019, when I realise the dawn of a new decade is approaching – and 2020 would mark the 10-year anniversary of working for the same company. It really got me thinking; do I want to be here, doing this for another 10 years?   The answer was no, so I did something about it.  For me, this was a huge leap of faith.  I’ve worked in the media industry for my whole career since I was 18.  It’s all I’ve ever known and those 20 years (OMG!) - as clichéd as it sounds- have gone by in a flash.

I started to build the fou...

We’re at home, allowed out ‘once a day’ for essentials and many of us are continuing with the careers we’ve worked so hard to maintain and progress through, some may have been furloughed, others trying to cope with a heavier workload than ever. We’re all in our own whirlwinds experiencing this global crisis and finding our work and personal lives colliding in a dramatic, thrust upon us way. 

Below are just some of the reasons why it’s so crucial to continue with or begin to form mentoring relationships during this time. 

  1. Both mentees and mentor...

**This piece was written prior to #COVID-19 but the advice still rings true for any new parent.

My daughter Eliza is now seven. I desperately wanted to be a mum and went through gruelling IVF and fertility treatments to have her. I was one of the lucky ones – it worked for me, I loved being pregnant and I was excited about the new chapter of my life that was to come.

Despite throwing myself into being a mum, signing up for every baby class going, and making a new group of mum friends, I will be honest – I found maternity leave tough. 

Eliza cried A...

This article was written by Hannah Spicer, a freelance E-commerce and Digital Marketing Consultant, with over 16 years experience working at luxury and fashion retailers including Harvey Nichols, Stella McCartney and Kurt Geiger. She works with small to medium brands to optimise their e-commerce performance.

I’m working with two clients in the beauty industry at the moment, and while they are facing challenges due to COVID-19 like many other businesses, they are adapting and finding new ways of reaching, helping and serving customers.⁣

I mysel...

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