We still have a way to go before women have equal opportunity in our industry.

To be truly equal, we need to break down the barriers in our way.

One by one.

The cultural ones, the industry ones and the ones we reinforce within ourselves.


The real voices of women can bring the change we need.

Because we believe in truth as a force for change.

The naked truth.

Real stories, shared honestly, lift us up, giving us the strength to overcome.


We’re committed to empowering women with the strength, skills and opportunity to be whoever they want to be.

And to do it together.

Inviting everyone who shares this belief to stand by us

Because together We Are Bloom.



We’re on a mission to ensure women have equal opportunity in the communications industry,  by harnessing the power of their real voices.

We strive to

- future proof women’s careers

- spearhead industry change

- pay it forward for the next generation


Everyone is welcome at Bloom. We don't judge anyone because of their gender, sexuality, race, disability or social background. Yes our member base is female, however we welcome all opinions, including men’s, without bias. We know that diversity of thought brings much richer ideas to the table.



We’re real, honest and not afraid to make ourselves vulnerable in tackling the barriers to our success. We understand the strength in our ‘naked truths,’ knowing that telling our stories will inspire others and can spearhead change throughout the industry



We are doers.  In work, outside of work and in Bloom. We’re passionate about our mission and super efficient giving Bloom 110% with the time we can commit. We volunteer for Bloom because we believe we can achieve more when ambitious women come together to smash goals.



There’s a lot of heaviness in the world at the moment. We’re here to create a space for impactful and uplifting moments to make this industry better for us all.  And if we’re not having fun whilst we’re doing it, then what's the point?


We support newcomers to the industry by facilitating an annual mentoring programme. This is a mandatory requirement for all members. We also run an outreach programme for 16-18 year women with BelEve providing them with work placements.

Industry Events:

Our calendar includes two industry events per year which focus on the challenges and opportunities that exist for women in the comms industry.


BloomFest Conference:

Launched in 2017, BloomFest is a standalone event open to the wider industry. It's designed to equip women and men with the skills and actions to drive change in and outside of work.



10% of our membership fees and 100% of profits from our event ticket sales go towards our charity partner, Women’s Aid who campaign to end domestic abuse against women and children. This is particularly prevalent in the light of recent government funding cuts.


Member mixers

Members are invited to attend informal monthly meet ups focused on training, networking and inspo, plus the Summer and Christmas celebrations.

Skills Sharing Sessions:

Short workshop-style sessions focused on practical tips to upskill and future proof your career. Held by Bloom members, for Bloom mentees and our junior colleagues.

​Bloom North

2018 saw the launch of Bloom North based in Manchester, and serving the needs of the Northern communications industry.


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